IDEA is an online learning centre to improve the care and quality of life of people with dementia. It is a one-stop website where you will find information and resources including online courses and a range of audio-visual materials about dementia, its causes, treatment and the care of people affected. IDEA offers free, practical advice as well as professional knowledge to show how a person with dementia can live well and overcome problems.

“I have talked to staff in different health care organisations about caring for people with dementia and many tell me how ill-prepared they feel to tackle this major part of their job.” - Professor Amanda Griffiths,Chartered OccupationalPsychologist, Institute of WorkHealth and Organisations,The University of Nottingham.

Dementia affects a growing number of older people. If you are a family member, friend, care worker or health professional  for a person with dementia, then the Improving Dementia Education and Awareness (IDEA) website is for you.

Our Courses

We have available a range of free online courses which give an understanding of dementia and how it affects people. These should be of use to both vocational workers and carers.

Care workers or heath care professionals can use these materials to support their accredited learning.

To find courses that are suitable for you please visit our courses page and use the ‘search’ or ‘filter information by topic’ tools to get started.


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At Dementia

We manage an information resource on assistive technologies for people with dementia
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